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Therapy with me

You may have felt able to ask for help before, or this may be the first time you are taking this brave step. Perhaps you’re seeking therapy to explore long-term issues, and the timing now feels about right. You might feel unsure about how to move forward, how you’re able (or not) to care for yourself. Or perhaps you’re questioning if you need to change things within your relationships.
A lot of my clients have built their lives on putting other people’s needs and feelings at the centre of their lives, meaning it can be hard to ask for what they want themselves. I know it can be difficult to focus less on others and more on ourselves and one can doubt if they will remain authentic and connected. But it is possible to change the patterns of how we relate to both others and to ourselves. Perhaps you weren’t taught that you are important and you matter as much as others – but you can learn.
I’ve been told my approach is warm and patient, whilst also perceptive and gently challenging. I’d welcome the opportunity to explore whether working together feels good for you.


Payment is made in advance of each session by bank transfer or online payment

Introductory call 20 min


Initial consultation 50 min


Weekly session 50 min


Next steps

If you would like to explore working with me, please fill out this enquiry form, or you can contact me directly on the details below. I will respond to you about my current availability and if suitable, organise a free 20 minute introductory phone or Zoom call. This call is a chance for you to tell me more about what you shared on the enquiry form, ask any questions you have, and for us to discuss whether we would be a good fit. You do not need to begin therapy with me, this is a chance for you to also discover what you want and need right now. If we decide I am not the right therapist for you, I will recommend some other therapists that may suit you better. If we choose to work together, we’ll organise an initial consultation session, where I’ll ask some gentle questions about you and your life, and I’ll send you some paperwork for us both to sign. If we both feel happy to progress from here, we’ll decide on a weekly time to meet, either online or in-person at my Richmond practice, Private Therapy London, opposite the station.

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